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Corpus Christi Right to Life seeks to encourage a paradigm cultural shift in which our society would realize and communicate the sanctity of all human life.


To foster a profound respect for the dignity of every life, in every state of development, from the moment of conception until natural death, no matter the condition, whether mentally or physically impaired.



  • Implemented a speakers’ bureau to inform students, church groups, and service and fraternal organization about the realities of abortion.
  • Organized a committee to canvass public libraries, elementary, middle, high school, and college libraries to determine the availability of pro-life materials for students.
  • Encouraged local birthright-type counseling services to assist girls and women with problem pregnancies
  • Facilitated letter writing campaigns concerning bills in the legislature and petitioning Congress for a Constitutional Amendment, as well as congressional legislation that would legally protect the unborn child’s right to life
  • Called on administrations of local hospitals to determine hospital policies on abortion and recommend no abortions be performed, in recognition of its life-preserving mandate
  • Set up a committee to encourage private and public schools to provide educational opportunities to pregnant students
    Sponsored pro-life booths at public or professional gatherings
  • Launched a public relations committee for news and feature stories for print and electronic media
  • Had members serve on the Texas and National Right to Life boards
  • Gathered members to protest and participate in sidewalk counsel at abortion clinics, to be present and protest pro-abortion speakers, including Planned Parenthood facilitiesIn 1989 Operation Rescue under the direction of Rex Moses began in Corpus Christi, and many members of CCRTL participated in blocking entrances to abortion clinics. Many were arrested, jailed, and convicted because no defenses were allowed to those charged with trespassing. CCRTL was terminated as an affiliate of National Right to Life because local officers of Corpus Christi Right to Life were willing to sacrifice themselves to save the lives of the unborn. Due to the diligent three year protest at these facilities there are no longer any abortion clinics in Corpus Christi.

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